If You Can Code It, You Can Have It

Posted by lorenzocovarrubiasjr on August 8, 2018

“Over the next 10 years there will be over 1.4 million jobs in computer science. And there will be only 400,000 thousand people qualified for those jobs”

This statement, from a short video on HourofCode.com, was the deciding point for the direction of my life. It had OPPORTUNITY written all over it. For a person, hitting 30, with no college education, no proffesion or trade, tossed by the merciless waves of job openings, it was the answer to many prayers. Little did I know this door wasn’t just an opening for a new job, but for a new world.

Everything is Digital

Well, not everything is digital. But every physical thing can become an idea for a digital blueprint. Technology has made life better in countless ways. From assisting in medecine, to space exploration to playing the perfect song when you’re feeling down. The simplest task can be aided by a line of code. Some of the greatest companies have come from a simple idea of making something better.

  • Amazon started as an online bookstore who believed selling online could provide more options that brick-and-mortor bookshops.
  • Uber started as an idea to make black car services more affordable.
  • Instagram is a digital photo album with unending pages or film.
  • Pandora is a digital radio with the control in your hands.

Everything is an Object

Learning how to program is essential for the coming years. In the world of code, you are a creator and anything can become your object within the lines of code. Whether it be something physical or an idea, a service or a product. If you can invision it, and you can code it, then you can have it! Digital objects become the representation of physical objects in the digital world.