Computer Programming: Why There's No Going Back

Posted by lorenzocovarrubiasjr on June 28, 2017

The people, places, and events that led me into the wonderful never-ending world of computer science. (Well actually not even half the people, places, and events but just a quick blog!)

It’s summer 2016. My wife, Imelda, and I were wrapping up our great honeymoon in Los Cabos, Mexico. It started like any other vacation, a time to ourselves (especially since it was our long awaited honeymoon!). We swam with dolphins, rode a jet ski, had a $90 dinner plate, went snorkeling in the Sea of Cortez, had unlimited virgin pina colada’s on 2 dinner cruises, got sun-tanned, visited the famous Arch and most of all enjoyed each other. But each day as the sun faded, it seemed that the illusion of the “Good Life” faded with it. Well, at least the idea that the “Good Life” is the “success” of this life. As the sun dropped from the edge of the sea and the tourist disappeared, the reality of this well-known tourist town came to light (Yes in the dark!). We got to meet many locals who spent their days trying to survive, like Lazarus at the mercy of the rich man, from the leftovers and mercy of those who have a better life and more options. This led us to spend our last day praying and giving our money away to those we felt led to. The people we met were some of the most precious people we’ve ever met. No different than us, just born into different situations, restricted by different limitations and with fewer opportunities.

The only logical way to travel here was by taxi. On our way to the airport, we sparked a conversation with the cab driver and were able to connect to the point that he was tearing up in the midst of changing lanes and somewhat complaining about the Mexican government mistreating the people and holding them back in exchange for selfish ambition. His story struck a chord. Not that I related to him being a father who sacrificed everything to help his son succeed in life and yet feels that it’s not enough due to the unfortunate circumstances of his country. But it struck a cord, knowing that even though in America I don’t have a million dollars that I can hand out to people, in America I do have a million opportunities that I can use to produce for people who otherwise are ensnared by the grip of poverty and tyranny of government.

This left me knocking on the front door of the computer programming world. Hello world. The choice for me is simple. As a young man who spent the 1/3 of my life wasted in the delusions that worldly pressures produce. Not furthering my education was a result of a lack of a correct perspective. Applying for a college, funding a college education and finding the God-given strength to complete the required mental and physical demands of a college-enrolled life after a 40 hours work week seemed ridiculous to ponder.

             "This is the greatest time to be alive"

I heard multiple pastors make this bold statement. Though they were referring to the spiritual aspects of world history, I know it applies across the board. Computer programming and the open sources to be educated on the subject have created opportunities that have been non-existent in past generations. It is my duty and obligation to not make waste of such golden chances. The world is counting on me. I know the funds and opportunities I will create thru software development will change the world for someone. I can’t let that someone down. This is why I have decided, when it comes to computer programming, there is no going back!

Love God. Love People. Do Great Exploits.